Most of my life I’ve been pretty sure the internet is best source of any information, that I can access. Books from the internet were better than from my library, courses from MIT and Berkeley professors that I used to download in .mp3 were better than of my home university. Now that I moved to Zurich I see for the first time that there are cases when offline content is better than the internet - just because I’m in ETH. And people around me consider offline content to be of higher quality - just because in their experience they physically had access to this high quality offline content. A lot people are reluctant to use internet as a source of information and consider it a useless dump of low-quality content.

There is no way I can relate to this position - to me internet is the main way to share and access knowledge - because it’s not physically restricted. Internet enabled me to talk to people all over the world when I was 15. It enabled me to understand a lot of stuff that would not be taught in my home uni. And when I get an access to some lectures and materials just because I’m physically in Zurich, and some guy in India doesn’t - just because he is not - that’s not fair. If some high-quality knowledge in not on the internet, it doesn’t mean that we need to return to go offline - rather that we need to work on the online resources.

All this massive rant was motivated by this saved discussion I found when cleaning up server files. It features me trying to figure out economics on the anonymous forum - due to the lack of any offline access to any economics people. Now I kind of have access to all kinds of people, but I still most likely going to ask internet if I have any questions - for this online discussion to add a tiny bit of knowledge that is available online.